Jesus Calms The Storm -- Reason And Significance.

The story of Jesus calming the storm is a well known bible story which can be found in the following Scriptures:

  • Matthew 8:23-27
  • Mark 4:35-41
  • Luke 8:22-25

The storm developed after Jesus fell asleep in the stern of the boat on a cushion, while the boat was transporting them across the sea of Galilee. The sea of Galilee is known for its sudden tempest such as this one, and so the people in that area were not comfortable on that particular sea. 

The storm was so terrible that it was literally breaking up the boat. When the disciples saw how serious and outrageous the storm was; they woke Jesus and asked Him if He didn't care if they perish. 

Jesus calms the storm

Jesus got up and rebuked the waves and said: "peace be still." He then turn to His disciples and said: "Why are you so afraid? What happened to your faith?

The Reason and Significance of Jesus Calming The Storm.

Jesus calms the storm to strengthen the disciples faith in Him. We often worry about the storms in our own lives and tend to forget that we serve a God who has power over natural disasters and pandemics like covid 19

The calming of the storm is to help us to stand flatfooted and declare the name of the Lord Jesus Christ no matter what the present condition is. The miracle of Jesus saying "peace be still," and immediately the winds and water obeyed Him, is for us to understand that there is absolutely nothing that is too hard for our God to do. 

Storms Of Life.

All of us are familiar with storms of life and sometimes those storms include but not limited to:

Jesus calms the storm to help you and I understand that we should not get intimidated and discouraged like the disciples were on the boat, but rather trust God in the midst of our crisis and storms.

 Jesus Slept During The Storm.

Many persons said since Jesus is omniscient i.e. (all knowing God -- knows everything)  which means that He knew that the storm was coming, He should not have slept. They said that He should have stayed up to protect His disciples from the terrible storm that He knew was coming. 

However, that is far from the lesson that Jesus wanted to teach his disciples. Jesus slept during the raging storm because He wanted to test the level of faith His disciples have. 

Jesus however proved that they did not have enough faith in His teachings and in the words that He spoke in their lives. Jesus sometimes do the same thing to test our faith as Christians by being silent. 

Sometimes we keep praying about something and there is no answer, and we are wondering where is God when I need Him? Why is He not answering my prayers, and why it seems like He has abandoned me? 

The answer is God has not abandoned you but He is testing your faith in Him. He wants to see if you have enough faith in Him to keep believing even when you don't understand what is happening.

God wants you to worship Him even when the storms of life is rocking your ship. Jesus wants you to speak to the mountains in your life and said "peace be still." 

So just as Jesus calms the storm, He will fix the problems in your life. He will sometimes become silent and seems as if He is asleep, like He was on the Sea of Galilee, so that He can test to see what your faith is really made of. 

A Sudden Storm.

The storm that Jesus calmed was a very sudden storm. The sea of Galilee was known for storms like these, so Jesus knew there was a raging storm approaching, but as was mentioned above, Jesus wanted to test the faith of the Apostles. 

When things happen suddenly in our lives we tend to panic and throw in the towel and give up like those disciples did. Our world today is living in fear because of the sudden pandemic i.e. Coronavirus that has come suddenly upon us. 

When there are sudden disasters and attacks from the enemy, we need to have faith in the God of our salvation and keep trusting in His timing and omnipotence. Jesus realized that the disciples have all lost it and became exceeding fearful, so He knew He had to step in.

When Jesus woke up from sleeping in Mark 4:39 and calms the storm, He rebuked the wind and said peace be still. Then He turned to them in Mark 4:40 and asked: Why are you so fearful? Where is your faith? 

This question prove that Jesus was literally testing the faith of those Apostles to see how much they have learned and understand and how much they believed and how strong their faith was after all the many sermons and teachings that they have been through. 

Your spiritual growth cannot be proven if your faith is not put to the test. 



The significance of Jesus calming the storm was to strengthen our faith in Him so that when things happen to us that we didn't bargain for, we don't give up but rather we keep going because we know that there is nothing that is impossible with God.

Jesus didn't sleep during the storm because He was trying to destroy His disciples. Jesus slept during the storm because He wanted to see how the disciples would handle the situation. Jesus was testing their faith, He wanted to know how firm and steadfast they were in their belief in His teachings. 

The storm was very sudden which brought about panic and doubt in their ability to overcome the tempest. This was just a test of the disciples faith to see their reactions in the midst of the tempest. 

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