Jesus Heals A Man Who Was Born Blind. 

Man born blind rejoices after Jesus healed him.

Jesus Heals The Blind Man

The story where Jesus heals the blind man can be found in John 9:1-41. 

The Bible did not give the name of this blind man, but it clearly states that this man was born blind. Jesus was passing by going about His business. When He saw this man, His disciples knew that he was born blind asked Jesus; "who sinned, the man or his parents?" 

Jesus said: "Neither him nor his parent, he was born that way so that the work of God can be manifested in his life." 

Some of us who were born with defects can sometimes think that this is the end of the world, but we need to remember that God can do mighty works in our lives to bless and encourage others through our healing and deliverance. 

Jesus ends His statement by saying that He didn't come to sit around and waste time, He said He must do God's work while it is day because when the night comes nobody cannot work. 

Day and night in the text represent life and death. So what Jesus meant was that before His death, He must do things like: healing the sick, raising the dead back to life, opening the eyes of the blind and preaching the good news to the world. 

As the light of the world, Jesus had to keep shining by doing the work that God sends Him to do. You too have work to do, because you are a Christ-like follower and you need to be an example of Christ. 

Jesus then spits on the ground and make clay of it and anointed the man's eyes and told him to go and wash his face in a pool called Siloam. After the wash, the man came back seeing. 

Don't ever argue with the commands of the Lord. Not everything that the Lord tells you to do is going to sound logical and make perfect sense to the human mind. Whether or not you comprehend fully what God has commanded you to do, do it anyway because disobedience is sin. 

When Jesus Heals The Blind Man it Became The Talk Of The Town. 

The miracle of the blind man receiving his sight was obvious even to those who were not present at the healing scene, because everybody in the town knows that this man was born blind. 

So when they saw him walking without a stick and rejoicing and praising God, they realized that he could see but they were doubting whether or not it was really him. When they found out that it was actually the man that was born blind, who was always on the street side begging; they called him and questioned him. 

They inquired whether he was the man who was born blind, and he said yes. Then they asked him how was his eyes opened, and the man told them that it was Jesus who  had done the healing miracle. John 9:8-12

God is not like man, when He is blessing you, He doesn't seek out whether or not you meet certain qualifications to get the blessings. He does not look at your outward attire nor does He come to a decision to bless you based on your ability to give a big offering. 

When God blesses you, there will be no strings attached. The blessings will be so good that everyone who have known you before, will be astonished and some will even get jealous of you. 

The Man That Was Healed Was Brought to The Pharisees For Investigation.

The people had a problem with the healing that took place because it was done on the Sabbath day. They called the man that was born blind , (who Jesus healed) and asked him how did he received his sight?

He told them exactly what he said before... that Jesus puts clay upon his eyes and he washed and then he could see. They began to fuss about how could that guy called Jesus done this thing on the Sabbath day? 

The Pharisees then sent and called the man's parents, because they did not believe that Jesus really performed the miracle. They asked the man's parents if it is true that their son was born blind and how is it that he is now able to see?

The parents were blunt. They said that the man was indeed their son, and that he was truly born blind but by what means he received his sight, we do not know. Then they told the Pharisees to aske the man, because he was of age to answer for himself. 

The Pharisees made it look as if the the man that was born blind was not telling the truth and was losing his mind. When they turned to the man the second time, they asked him what exactly did Jesus do to him. 

The man that was born blind said that he had told them already and they did not believe, so why would you believe now? he asked. He then asked them if they were interested in becoming Jesus' disciples. 

This got the Pharisees really mad and they criticized and condemned the man, and said that the man was a disciple of Jesus, but they were Moses' disciples. So they cast him out from among them and when Jesus heard about it, He found him and asked if hew believed in the Lord Jesus. 

The man said who is He that he should believe in Him? Then Jesus told him that He was the Lord, and the man said: "Lord, I believe." Then the he fell down and worshipped The Lord. 

We should not hesitate to get busy worshipping God, especially when He has done so much for us. Not everyone is going to worship and glorify Him, but we can't watch the crowd, we must magnify Him for ourselves just as the man that received his sight did. 


Jesus healed the blind man and it caused an uproar in the community. One of the main reasons why they were making a fuss of the healing was because it was done on the Sabbath and because they just did not believe.


Keep Trusting God

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