Jesus Heal The 10 Lepers in The Bible, But Only One Return to Say Thanks. 

In Matthew 8:1-3 Jesus heals the leper. He was coming from the mountain where He often went to pray to the Father and there was a great multitude that followed Him. 

So this leper saw Jesus coming and immediately he approached the Lord and worshipped Him and said Lord if You will, you can make me clean. 

Jesus however did not hesitate but instantly replied "I will, be thou clean." And immediately the sores left the man and he was very clean because nothing shall be impossible with God. 

Jesus Heals The 10 Lepers

When Jesus heals the leper in Matthew 8:3; the Bible said that the man worshipped God, even before he asked for healing. This is very important because it shows that when the praises go up the blessings come down. 

On another occasion however, ten lepers approached Jesus in Luke 17:11-19; they didn't worship God before they asked for healing. 

However, all that they asked Jesus to do was to have mercy on them... Luke 17:13 This was like saying "Lord we know that we are unworthy of your blessings, but please forgive us of our sins." 

Jesus was tired from preaching a very long sermon to a very large crowd, and the ten lepers knew it but they have made up their mind to call on the name of the Lord for help. 

The Bible said that the lepers stood at a distance, because it was not lawful for anyone with leprosy to come out in the publics. They were supposed to stay lacked away in quarantine and not cause the disease to spread to others. 

But Jesus wasn't bothered about catching the disease, He was more concerned with seeing the lepers healed. He is the great physician and it is His job to heal the sick and set captives free. 

The ten lepers said "Jesus, Master have mercy upon us." That's all... They didn't actually ask Jesus to heal them of the leprosy, but it was very evident to Jesus that they were asking for healing. 

Sometimes we go to God in prayer and the words are not exactly what we want to utter, and very often we don't know what to pray, but the good news is that God knows everything and He knows exactly what we intended to pray about. 

So Jesus responded and said: "Go show yourselves to the Priest." Luke 17:14

Notice that Jesus did not say "be healed'" He said "go show yourselves to the Priest," even before the leprosy was cleansed. But the lesson here is that the ten lepers were obedient to the command of Jesus and they immediately turned in obedience and started out to see the priest. 

At this point the Bible said: "And it came to pass that as they went, they were cleansed." Luke 17:14

There is a great lesson to take away from this. Sometimes God will tell you to do things that might not make sense to you, but it is not what make sense to you or what looks right to you, it's about how much do you believe and trust in the words of the Lord. 

It is about trusting God, not trusting in your own instinct. 

The 10 lepers did not have time to doubt, they immediately obeyed the very word of the Lord and in the process of responding to the Lord's command, they received their healing. 

Nine Lepers did not Thank Jesus For The Healing.

Jesus healed ten lepers but only one returned to say thanks. The other nine lepers are believed to be Jews, who should know the history of the Scriptures and the Lord, but they went their ways and showed no gratitude for the miracle which was done on them.

Many times we are so ungrateful and forget all the good things that the Lord has done in our lives. Sometimes when circumstances come up in our lives, we forgot that God has delivered us from many terrible situations before and if He has done it before He can do it again. 

Often times God blesses us and answers our prayers, but we most times allow the blessings to blind us and distract us from the One who gave us the blessings, and we become ungrateful and don't even give God thanks for His goodness and His mercies toward us. 

One Leper Came Back to Thank Jesus. 

Not everybody are the same, because even though the other nine lepers decided that they are not going to stop to say thanks, this Samaritan leper was different. He turned back and glorified the Lord Jesus for the healing, because he knew that there was no way he could have healed himself, so he just couldn't left without giving the Lord thanks.  Luke 17:15-16 

It is very interesting that the nine lepers who were Jews, who grew up in the Church and in the doctrines of the Lord, were no where to be found when it was time to glorify God. 

However this one Samaritan humbled himself and with a loud voice, glorified God for what He has done for him. The Bible said that he fell down on his face before the Lord and give Him thanks for the great miraculous healing that he received. 

Are you giving God thanks for the many blessings in your life today? Are you too proud to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and give Him the glory for the wonderful things that He has done in your life? 

The truth is we must be willing to give up our selfish motives and our pride and magnify the Lord and give Him thanks for the great things that He has done for us, because He is worthy of all of our praise. 


This story, (like so many others) was written in the Bible so that we can learn to follow the principles and examples of the people that are good and not do the opposite. 

Ten lepers came to Jesus to be healed/cleansed. Jesus cleansed all ten lepers. Nine of them rushed away to get consent from the Priest to be freed from the confinement of being quarantine. 

However, one leper who was a Samaritan turned back, and raised his voice and give God the glory which belonged unto Him. 

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Why only one of the 10 lepers returned to give thanks

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