What Happen When You Let God Take Control Of Your Life? 

Let God Take Control

Let God Take Control By: 

The way you let GOD take control of your life is by studying His Word and living His Word. The Word of GOD has transforming power and when you study it, you make yourself available to be used by GOD.

We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity, but GOD does not want us to continue to live in sin. So He gave you and I valuable instructions in His Word how we should avoid living a sinful life.

You let God Take control When you live by the instructions in His Word. You should not read His Word if you have not made up your mind to follow His teachings.

When we follow His teachings and are obedient to His commandments, there is no limit to the blessings that we will receive.

What Are Some Amazing Blessings I Can Expect When God Is In Control? 

Increased Confidence  

When God is in control of your life, you become very confident in every area of your life. The fact that you know that the LORD is taking care of things, and that He is not slack concerning His promises, helps you to relax and focus more on His will.

Psalm 18:2 

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my GOD my Rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation.

When you let God take control, you automatically have assurance and faith that you will be secured and blessed beyond measure. 

The Psalmist said God is his rock, his fortress and his deliverer. He was confident in the fact that there is nothing that would be too hard for God to do. 

The  word "rock" is used 142 times in the Bible, and it means strength, foundation, stability. In other words, you will be confident if you know that your foundation is stable/strong. 

Your confidence in GOD also increases when you study His Word and live your life to please God rather than man. 

James 1:22

Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

It make no sense to read the Bible, i.e. God's Word; if you don't intend to live by it or do what it says. When you live by the Word of God, it means that you have let go of your desires to have control of your life and place them in the hands of the Lord. 

If you are only reading the Word just to pass time or just because your pastor told you to, you are only deceiving yourself. Therefore, in order for you to have the confidence that you should, you need to read your Bible, but more important, live like the Bible said you should live. 

In other words, be a doer of the Word because that is an indication that you trust God, hence your confidence will begin to grow. 

When You Let God Take Control; Your Faith In God Becomes Stronger.

Faith is very important in your relationship with God. You cannot have a relationship with God without having faith in Him and in His teachings. 

Hebrews 11:6

Without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that commeth to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. 

When you let God take control, you are demonstrating that your faith in Him is solid. When your faith in God is strong, you will not be easily defeated by the tricks and attacks of the devil.

Anybody can say how much they love the Lord and they will serve Him for the rest of their lives, but those are just words. It takes genuine faith to believing God because you do not see Him with your natural eyes. So because you cannot see Him with your natural eyes, you need to have faith in what you read about Him in the Bible. 

The Bible is the manual from God to every human being upon the face of the earth. The Bible contains everything you and I need to live a purposeful and upright life before the Lord. When you study His Word, both your confidence and faith in Him will grow.

God wants to bless you abundantly and make you prosperous in everything that you do, but you need to let go and let God take control. You cannot serve or please God if you do not want Him to be in control of your life. 

God formed you in the womb of your mother, so He is your Creator. All that He asked is that you "repent of your sins and get baptized in His name "Jesus" for the remission of your sins and be filled with His Spirit, and live the rest of your life to please Him." Acts 2:38

You might not fully understand all of this right now, but I assure you that you will as soon as you surrender all of your life to Him, give Him control, and follow His teachings for the rest of your life. 

Give your faith a boost by feasting upon the Word of God. You should not just read the Bible, but be obedient to Its teachings by living what it teaches. In other words: Don't just be a reader of the Word, but more important, be a doer of the teachings of the Bible.

You Will Develop Patience.

Romans 15:5

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus. KJV

The Lord is very patient with each and every one of us, and He requires you and I to be patient with our brothers and sisters also.  We have sinned against God so many times, and He continues to be patient with us and forgave us and gave us many chances again and again. 

Since God is so patient with us, and kept forgiving us and give us time to repent and turn to Him; we need to be patient one with another too. 

Sometimes while I am at home doing something very important, one of my daughters, either Dejanae or Davia, (and other times both) would come running wit a burning question. Often times one question usually leads to several others, and it can sometimes seem as if they are not going to stop, but I assure you, they normally do. 

Most of the times I do my best to hear them out, and answer as many of their questions that I possibly can, and eventually they leave me to do my work. Other times I am not so patient and I would say to them: "not now" or "give me a minute" or "when I am finish I will get back to you."

Most times when I put them off because I want to focus on what I am doing, I feel like I should have just hear them out. Because it doesn't normally take long until they are off doing something else. 

The same principle applies to us as Christians. Just like how we are patient with our kids, we need to be patient with those who are babies in Christ also. When I said babies in Christ, I mean new converts or (Those who are recently added to the Church.) 

It is a blessing to have the spirit of patience, but it doesn't happen automatically. However, when we learn to let go and let God take control of our lives, we develop both patience and endurance.  


We have shared Three significant blessings that can be yours when you let God take control of your life.

We said:

  1. Your Confidence Increases
  2. Your Faith In God Becomes Stronger
  3. You will become more patient.

These are three fundamental blessings, and your life will never be the same when they are present, but you first need to humble yourself under the mighty hand of God so He can bless you in due time.

Thanks for reading.

 I hope you were blessed.

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