There are many Stories In the Bible, But the One With Abigail and David is a Good Example of the Strength and Courage of A Woman. (1st Samuel 25)

 The Story of Abigail and David.

David and Abigail in the Bible.

The story of Abigail and David can be found in the first book of Samuel chapter twenty five. This Scripture also made mention of the death, lamentation and burial of the prophet Samuel.

Nabal was the husband of Abigail, who had great possessions in the land of Carmel. He had three thousand sheep and one thousand goats. So one day he was shearing his sheep; and the thing was made known unto king David while he was in the wilderness.

king David sent men to Nabal peacefully asking him to share his sheep with him. Nabal refused to honor the king's request, instead he insulted king David's men, and spoke disrespectful of David and send them away.

When the men brought news to the king that Nabal had spoken disrespectfully of him and his servants, David was greatly displeased and gathered some of his men and was on his way to destroy Nabal and all his men.

The Peculiar Way in Which Abigail and David Met.

Abigail and David have never met before, but Abigail realized that this occasion called for a special meeting with the king whom her husband Nabal had disrespected.

The news reached the ear of Nabal's wife by one of Nabal's manservant. He was there when David's men appeared and so he overheard the conversation between them and Nabal and it displeased him. Therefore he told the whole story to Abigail and Abigail immediately made plans behind her husband's back to bring the king a peace offering.

The goods that she carried to the king were two hundred loaves, two bottles of wine, five sheep already prepared to be eaten, five measures of parched corn, one hundred clusters of raisins and two hundred cakes.

All of this Abigail brought before king David, and when she met him in the middle of their journey, she fell on her face before David and plead with him. She begged him to let the iniquity of her husband be upon her, because Nabal her husband was a man of Belial and that the king should disregard him.

The story of Abigail and David, with important lessons to take away.


David Accepted the Gifts From Abigail and Repented of the Evil he was About to do.

The act of Abigail confronting the king with peace offering and a speech of apology, is considered by most women an example of courage and submission in the midst of danger.

Although Abigail and David have never met, the manner in which she approached the king was very humble and so the king's heart was softened.

Because of this bold act of Abigail, David blessed the LORD GOD of Israel, and humbly accepted the peace offerings from her. 

The Death of Nabal Abigail's Husband.

So after Abigail and David separated, she went back home to her husband and found him drunken with wine, because he was having a party at his house. When Abigail saw this she went straight to bed and decided not to say anything to him until the morning.

So the next morning when Nabal woke and was sober again, his wife told him all that was done, and the Bible said: his heart was dead within him.

The man was like this for ten days and on the tenth day, the Bible said that God smote him and he died.

Abigail Became David's Wife.

When David heard that Nabal was dead, he praised God and thanked Him that He pleaded the cause of his reproach from the hand of Nabal, and kept him from doing evil, because the LORD had returned the wickedness of Nabal upon his own head.

After this, king David sent his servants to communicate with Abigail about becoming his wife. Abigail did not hesitate but she went immediately and also took five of her women-servants along with her.

So she went and became David's wife and she was also the third wife of David.


The story of Abigail and David has many lessons that can benefit you and I even in this day and age. Because of the hardness of Nabal's heart and his disrespectful behavior to the servant of the LORD, king David; God took his life.

So the last state of the man Nabal was worse than the beginning. This is why we should be humble and fear the LORD no matter how rich or poor we are. Because promotion cometh neither from the east nor from the west, but from the LORD. He puts up one and takes down another.

God used Abigail to stop David from sinning a very grievous and bitter sin. This act of Abigail caused David to have a special love for her, therefore Abigail was also rewarded with the blessing of becoming the king's wife.

When we are humble and obedient to the Lord's instructions, nothing good will be withhold from us.

Thanks for reading, I hope something that you read would have encouraged you to be more humble in the Lord.

God bless you.


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