Do You Understand How Valuable it is to Have Good Manners? I Will Explain in Details in This Bible Lesson on Good Manners.

The Bible Lesson on Good Manners We Will be Looking At In This Article Is: "Bad Company and Evil Communications" 

Bad company corrupts good manners

1st Corinthians 15:33

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Many persons have never read this Bible verse before. In fact, many persons have never seen a Bible lesson on good manners on Google before.  So I have taken the time to write on this very important topic. 

Let us look at what the Scripture said will destroy good manners. It uses two words: Evil and Communication.

  1. Evil The word "evil" means: having an intension to harm, corrupt or to display harmful qualities. 
  2. Communication. The word communication means to exchange data or information between entities. It is a dialog between two parties where most times the one that has the strongest and most persuasive words, wins over the other party.

So we are looking at bad company, because it is the main thing that our Scripture above focuses on. When we look at the definition for both evil and communication, we can easily come to an agreement that anyone with those two qualities could not be a good company. 

Many of us were raised in good Christian homes with wonderful God-fearing parents. However, when we start to explore this world and the things and people therein, we pick up some bad morals along the way that destroy the bible lesson on good manners that we know. 

Bad manners and conduct most of the times are as a result of bad company. If we have friends in our lives who are not making us better but rather worse, we need to make a choice between them and our integrity in God. 

Bible lesson on good manners is all about righteousness, holiness and being obedient unto the Lord. You and I cannot live upright if we continue to spend our time in the company of unholy people. 

All children of God should have good manners and humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God, so that He can exalt us in due time.

But often times we are deceived by many so-called friends who appeared to be good on the outside but deep down on the inside they are like spoiled tomatoes. 

These are the kind of people who Satan uses to corrupt Christians who are weak in the faith. These are people who are full of themselves, full of envy, liars, haters, backbiters, ungodly, unfaithful, ungrateful etc. 

As a Christian and as a good citizen of your country, you should avoid anyone who possesses these evil qualities. The only reason you should be around these people is if you are sharing the Word of God with them in order to bring about transformation in their lives. 


Good manners are a rare thing these days, especially now that our world today makes it seems like to have good manners and to live according to the lessons of the Bible is to be weak. 

The truth is, when we behave badly and let our anger get total control of our lives, this is being weak and vulnerable. To have good manners and have self-control is to show strength and maturity in our walk with God.

Thanks for reading. I do hope you were blessed.

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God bless you.


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