This is a list of the sixty six books of the Bible.

Here are the sixty six books of the Bible.

It is Important To Know And Study The Books of the Bible

It is very important to know the books of the Bible, and to know them in order. This is good and helpful especially when we are in church and the pastor asked us to go to a book that we do not frequently visit.

Even more important is the study of the Scriptures. When we study the Bible, we will not only grow spiritually but we will also become equipped to do the work of the Lord.

Knowledge of God's word is the most important education we could posses in this life.

2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


The Old Testament Books of the Bible.

  1. Genesis
  2. Exodus
  3. Leviticus
  4. Numbers
  5. Deuteronomy
  6. Joshua
  7. Judges
  8. Ruth
  9. 1 Samuel
  10. 2 Samuel
  11. 1 Kings
  12. 2 Kings
  13. 1 Chronicles
  14. 2Chronicles
  15. Ezra
  16. Nehemiah
  17. Esther
  18. Job
  19. Psalms
  20. Proverbs
  21. Ecclesiastes
  22. Songs of Solomon
  23. Isaiah
  24. Jeremiah
  25. Lamentations
  26. Ezekiel
  27. Daniel
  28. Hosea
  29. Joel
  30. Amos
  31. Obadiah
  32. Jonah
  33. Micah
  34. Nahum
  35. Habakkuk
  36. Zephaniah
  37. Haggai
  38. Zechariah
  39. Malachi

The New Testament Books of the Bible.

  1. Matthew
  2. Mark
  3. Luke
  4. John
  5. Acts
  6. Romans
  7. 1 Corinthians
  8. 2 Corinthians
  9. Galatians
  10. Ephesians
  11. Philippians
  12. Colossians
  13. 1 Thessalonians
  14. 2 Thessalonians
  15. 1 Timothy
  16. 2 Timothy
  17. Titus
  18. Philemon
  19. Hebrews
  20. James
  21. 1 Peter
  22. 2 Peter
  23. 1 John
  24. 2 John
  25. 3 John
  26. Jude
  27. Revelation


There are thirty nine books in the Old Testament, and twenty seven books in the New Testament, a total of sixty six books of the Bible.

Continue to study them and increase your knowledge in the LORD.

Thank you for reading.

God bless you.


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