How To Break The Curse of Poverty, Singleness, Generational Curses or Curse of Rejection. 



Perhaps when you hear the term "break the curse; you might be thinking of cursing an indecent language or probably uttering blasphemous words against the LORD Almighty. 

While this is a type of curse, it is just a small fraction of what the Bible means by curse. When the Bible talks about breaking curses, it is not only talking about someone speaking evil to another person, but most times it is the evil that comes upon the person. 

If you are under a curse, it means that you have come in contact with evil some way or the other. This curse/evil might have entered your life by way of demonic involvement. 

If you are under a curse, you might experience some things that are abnormal and difficult to understand such as:

  • unexplainable prolonged sicknesses
  • Generational curses
  • Mental Illnesses
  • Depression
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Sexual Addiction
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease 
  • Poverty
  • Singleness
  • Stress
  • Fear and lots more...

Please understand that I am not saying that every challenging situation in your life is a curse that needs to be broken. The LORD often allows us to go through difficult circumstances in order to grow our faith. That is not what this article is about.

The curse that we are talking about here are curses that has nothing to do with God, but rather they are direct attacks from the devil his wicked demons. 

If you are are a victim of a demonic curse, you need to submit yourself to God and resist the devil and he will flee. James 4:7

Break The Curse From The Devil.

There are many cultures where witches put curses on people through demonic powers and the practice of voodoo. This kind of practice often includes sticking pins in a doll made in the image of a person and often something that belongs to the person, such as a piece of the person's hair embedded in the doll. 

In the midst of all of this hateful words words are uttered over and over and the doll being stabbed repeatedly. However, with all of these witchcraft rituals, it is the hateful words that are spoken against the person that really caused the damage.

Neither the doll nor the needles has any power to harm anyone; it is the power of the demons operating through the person uttering the curse that create the damage. Ephesians 6:12

Break The Curse

You might have been affected by what were mentioned above or even affected by some other curse such as witchcraft curse, Masonic curse, an oath, a vow or even a covenant. 

What these curses do is provide a doorway readily accessible for satan to attack your life, and they will remain until you decide to break and renounce them in the name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. 

I know that you want to break the curse from your life, that's why you are here. There is great news. You can be set free from whatsoever spiritual bondage that was placed upon your life. 

However, there are some curses that are more powerful than others, and in order to really break those curses out of your life you need to renounce the very spirits that are associated with them.

When you are renouncing these evil spirits that were placed upon your life whether by oath, rituals, vows, ceremonies or covenants; you do so under the power of the Holy Ghost and the authority which is in the name of the LORD Jesus. 

You need to repent of your sins and discontinue your involvement with any satanic activity and accept the LORD Jesus as your personal LORD and savior. 

After you do this, God will give you power and authority over every devil. Luke 9:1

You can pray this prayer and have faith that God will break the curse.


Father in the name of Jesus, please forgive me of all my sins and cleanse me in the areas that I have allowed the devil to enter my life. I refuse to continue my involvement with the works of darkness. I cancel and break the curse and LORD I pray that you will forgive the persons who had spoken these curses against me. LORD I thank You that those curses will no longer have any power upon my life. I cancel all of the evil things that were spoken against me and I ask LORD that You will cover my family under Your blood and keep us as the apple of the eye in the name of Jesus I pray Amen.

Now if you have prayed this prayer, and truly repented before the LORD; all you need to do is to have faith and watch God do the work, but most importantly, discontinue every involvement that you might have with the works of darkness.

Christ redeems us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us when He was hanged on the tree. Galatians 3:13


A curse is not just someone speaking evil against another person, the curse that the Bible speaks of is more like the evil that comes upon someone. 

The rituals that are carried out in the satanic circle are not what really caused the curse, it is the power of the demon operating through the person uttering the curse that really create the damage. 

Whatsoever curse might be upon your life, they all serve one purpose, and that is to provide a doorway that is readily accessible for satan to enter your life. 

Whatsoever your curse might be, you can only break the curse by renouncing the spirit that's attached to it through the power of the HOLY GHOST and the authority that is in the name of JESUS. James 4:7

what the bible said about curses

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