In Proverbs chapter six Solomon instructed the sluggish and lazy man to consider the ants, because there are great lessons to be learnt from them. 

Read The Scripture About
(Consider The Ants)
in: Proverbs 6:6-11.

A Sluggard Is Lazy, Idle and Loves to be Easy, so Solomon Instructed him to Consider the Ants.


Solomon is considered to be the wisest man in the world, and his advice to the sluggish and lazy man is to consider the ants. Lazy people like to sit around all day doing nothing. They have no plans for neither the present nor the future.

King Solomon referred the ants, because the ants does not stop to think about time to rest. They work together and work very hard to achieve their goal. They take pains to prepare food for their family while it is summer. 

Consider the ants, because they have no ruler nor overseer, yet they are self-driven with such sincere commitment to fulfil their life's purpose. 

To truly serve the LORD, we should rebuke the spirit of sluggishness from our lives, and take pains to put in the work of daily seeking the face of the LORD. 


The Sluggard Man is Sent Back To School.

To consider something carefully and study it is considered being in school. Our learning never stops, and if we are going to truly learn something from the ants, we need to get our books, get our pens and condition our minds to start taking notes.

Sluggards are lazy people, and school work is hard work, so if he doesn't really want to learn, he is going to give up as soon as he commences.

The lazy man should consider the ants as his instructor and motivator, they work very hard for the wonderful results that they are expecting. The ants are the smallest creature, yet they possesses great knowledge and are ready to teach the sluggish man some very important lessons about life.

We Should Consider and Become Followers of Good Examples.

Philippians 3:17

Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. 

If the sluggish man would consider the ants and consider the examples of Jesus Christ, they would be amazed at the enormous change that they would experience in their lives.

The Apostle Paul encouraged the saints in the verse above to follow him. 


Because he was the servant of the LORD, and he had completely dedicated his life to living exactly as God's words declared. 

If we are going to imitate others in doing the things that they do, then we need to consider them diligently, and make sure that they are in line with the word of God.


The ants are considered as great teachers because of their self-driven motivation to store their food while it is summer. Because they know that the rainy season is coming and they will not be able to work.

So whenever you feel lazy and sluggish, remember the Scripture said to consider the ants and get some inspiration and encouragement from them.

Thank you for reading. I hope something that you have read would have encouraged you to rebuke the spirit of sluggishness and get on the battlefield for the LORD. 

God bless you.



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