Father's Day In Jamaica
(June 20, 2021) What Are The Responsibilities Of A Father?

Father's Day In Jamaica 2021

(Father's Day In Jamaica.) Why Father's Day Is So Poorly Celebrated In Jamaica?

Father's Day in Jamaica does not get as much recognition as Mother's Day. One of the reasons for such poor celebration on Father's Day in Jamaica is due to neglect of responsibilities and absence from their children's lives. 

As a result, many children grow up into men and women and never have a good father-child relationship. Some fathers don't deserve to have children, because they do not know the role and responsibilities of being a father.

Because of the negative impact of these so-called fathers, their sons grow up with the wrong concept of what a father is suppose to be. For example if a boy grow up and see his father beats his mother he will become a man with the belief that it is ok for a woman to be treated that way.

Many fathers abuse their children, this is so sad. 

Instead of correcting the child they brutalize them, so they grow up believing that this is the way to deal with their own children. 

The truth is, every evil thing that a parent does in front of their children, is creating an identity of what that child will become in his/her adult life; unless there be some divine intervention. 

God is expecting all fathers to train up their children well, and be awesome role models for them to follow, because they are an heritage and a blessing from the LORD to us. Psalm 127:3  

Fathers Must Show Love To Both The Childs's Mother And The Child.

When the father shows love to the mother, the child will learn to value affection toward others. In many cases this might not be possible due to separation, most times because of the father's unfaithfulness to the mother. 

In this case the man needs to "man up"; and settle down and start loving that woman again; because that is how you set good examples for your kids to follow. 

The other important responsibility of the father is for Him to show love and affection to his children. Loving your child/children doesn't only mean to give them money and buy them things. 

Loving your children means to spend quality time with them and set godly standards that will help them become good fathers themselves. 

Father's day in Jamaica could be more publicized if more fathers would understand that they are their children's superheroes, role models, and instructors. Whatever they see you do is what they are going to emulate. 

A lot of fathers do not know how to discipline their children. They say, "the boy is old enough to understand;" when the child is really crying out for direction.

Often times, the children are the ones who are playing the role of the parents, when it should be the other way around. 

Too many fathers are quicker to tell the child when they are wrong seldom telling the child how to do the right thing.

A father is someone who is hard to find, as many persons have the wrong concept of who a father really is. They think that a father is someone who only fertilizes the egg of a woman and get her pregnant.

This is far from the truth, because a male dog can fertilize the egg of a female dog and give birth to a puppy.

So fathers need to understand that there are great responsibilities that comes after the fertilization of the woman's egg. 

Being a father is one of the most difficult things upon the earth, because it is the opposite of what we have been taught while growing up.

Fathers need to follow the Scripture which says: "train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 

Fathers Should Teach Their Family The Word Of God.

Every father can learn from one of the best fathers of all times, i.e. Father Abraham in the Bible. Abraham teaches and instructs his children and household in the way of the LORD.

Abraham is a great example of who a godly father is, because he got the attention of the LORD GOD Himself. The LORD said that He would not hide anything from Abraham, because he will become a great and mighty nation and every other nation shall be blessed because of him.

Most importantly however, God said that He knows that Abraham will command his children and household after him, so that they keep the way of the LORD, and do justice and judgement, so that the LORD can bless him like He really want to. Genesis 18: 17-19 

God requires all fathers to be teachers and models of biblical principles and standards in the homes.

Since man is the head of the house, the LORD is depending on him to shoulder these responsibilities and principles in the household. 


As we celebrate Father's Day 2021 in Jamaica, let us as fathers pay close attention to carrying out our responsibilities in the lives of our children. 

Let the fathers not stuff the Scripture in Ephesians 6:1-2 in the children's face, and then ignore the part that we should observe as fathers in Ephesians 6:4. 

Fathers need to grow up and become positive influences for their children.

Fathers should set good examples for their children to follow and don't just preach to them but also live what you are preaching to them, because children are quicker to do what you are doing rather than what you are saying. 

On this Father's Day, I pray that every father will come to full understanding of what the roles and responsibilities of a good father are.

Lord, I pray that you will channel us as fathers, so that when we do not know what to do, You will teach us the way we should go and the things that we should do to become better fathers in Jesus name.


Happy Father's Day To All Fathers In Jamaica And Every Father Reading This Around The World. 

May God continue to bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you continue to do your best raising your wonderful children. 

Yours Truly: Rodcliffe Stephens



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