Glory In Tribulation. 

The Apostle Paul glory in tribulation and became deeply Rooted in Christ.

He was the most popular author among all the other bible writers because he maintained his integrity and kept doing the will of God

This is what he said:

If I must needs glory, I will glory of the things which concern mine infirmities.

2 Corinthians 11:30  

The Apostle Paul have been through a lot of tribulation, even more than what you could imagine, but he said that he would glorify God even though he was suffering tribulations. 

glory in tribulation. RodcliffeBibleNet

What Types of Tribulation Did Paul Suffer?

To understand fully what I am saying; Here are some of the things that the apostle Paul have been through:

  • He was in shipwreck three times and had many near death experiences.
  • He was threatened by the waves of the sea.
  • He was threatened by his own countrymen.
  • He was threatened by the entire city.
  •  And he was threatened by the beast in the wilderness.
  • Paul also went through weariness.
  • Many painful experiences,
  •  most of the times he was hungry
  • and very often he was on fasting.
  • He experiences many cold nights,
  • he also knew what it was like to go without clothing for months.

And having all of this to deal with, he still took care of all the many churches that he started. 

We Need To Glory In Tribulations Too.

 I am not saying this to embarrass you, I am saying this to encourage you to glorify God even while you are going through your tribulation.

Nothing good comes easy.

For example; Christ suffered the pain of dying on the cross so that you and I could live forever.

We too need to sacrifice something, because the man that will live godly shall suffer persecutions, but you shall reap the goodness of God if you endure to the end. 

Why It's Important to Glory In Tribulation?

Romans 5:3-5

Tribulation worketh patience. 

When you glory in tribulation, you develop a spirit of patience. In everything we need to be patient and so in this case tribulation is doing something good where that is concerned.

Patience Worketh Experience.

I hope you are able to see how important it is to glory in tribulation, and how it is building other godly qualities within you. 

After it worketh patience in you then patience worketh experience. 

We need to understand that when tribulation comes our way, God want to use it to bless and improve other areas of our lives. 

Experience Worketh Hope.

Just when you might have felt that it would have ended it gets even better. 

To glory in tribulation also leads to hope in the wonderful promises of God in the Bible. 

Hope means that we can rest assured that God is not slack concerning His promises and He will reward every man according to His work.


It is very important that we do not repay evil for evil glory in tribulations and endure longsuffering for the sake of Christ Jesus. 

God saved us by sacrificing His life for our sins.

Therefore, we should not get easily discouraged by the tribulations that we have to deal with. 

We need to let our light shine for Christ, by walking before Him with a perfect heart and maintaining our integrity in Him. 

Hope you were blessed. 


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