Are you doing enough to grow your faith in the LORD so that you can have a more meaningful relationship with Him?

In this article I will to point out three very important things that I have used to both grow my faith and strengthen my relationship with the LORD. 

I know that if you apply these things 'and you might even heard about them before' to your life, your faith will grow too. 

Without faith it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:6 

We really cannot serve God without faith, it is like the engine that keeps us trusting God and make us want to stay on the straight and narrow path. 

The Best Book To Grow Your Faith Is: The Bible.

No matter how many books I have read, the only book that truly speak to my spirit and drew me close to God is the Bible.

While inspirational books are good, "and I do read a lot of them too," the most effective book to grow your faith in God is His word i.e. the Bible.

You can't truly live for Jesus if you are not learning about Him everyday. The Bible must be read in it's entirety so that you can learn and understand it's teachings especially around the life of Jesus.

The more knowledge you have about God, the better able you will be to walk by faith and not by sight. 

The LORD gave us the Bible which is His word to instruct us and educate us about who He is and His goodness toward us. You cannot grow your faith without spending quality time in the word of God because knowledge of God's word gives you competence to share the gospel with others. 

If you do not study your Bible as a child of God, you cannot be approved unto God and become a workman who is not ashamed of the gospel but rightly dividing the word of truth.  2 Timothy 2:15

We have to study to have enough information about a particular subject or topic in order to do well at an examination. We need to study God's word even more; because it is more important than a topic or subject in school.  

"Prayer" And "Fasting" Will Grow Your Faith In God. 

No matter how many times I have tried to grow my faith on my own without communicating with God, I have never succeeded. 

There were days when I would get up and start my busy day without even taking a few seconds to say: "Lord I thank You for today." 

On days like those everything would seem to be in opposition to me, and everything I put my hands to would basically fail. The day would seem like a struggle and so the Holy Ghost would remind me that I have not communicated with my Father all day. 

On days when I did not just rush into my busy day, but took some time to truly pray and humbled myself before the LORD, I always experience faith growth and a day filled with the presence of the LORD and an unexplainable peace of mind. 

While prayer by itself have grown my faith in God to some extent; when I fast and pray there is always something extra! The level of clarity, faith and intimacy that I felt was always amazing. 

If you want to grow your faith, you will need to regularly communicate with God in prayer; because the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16

If you want to experience a huge spike in your faith growth and become more equipped in building the Kingdom of God; you need to both fast and pray. Some things will never change in your life until you seriously decide to go on a fasting and prayer mission. Matthew 17:21

Fasting is basically when you choose to discontinue food consumption in order to draw nearer to God.

For your fasting to be effective, you need to isolate yourself to a quiet place, where you will not be distracted by this busy world, also be sure to have your Bible so that the LORD can speak to you through His word. 


You cannot grow your faith without studying your Bible, because the Bible is the word of God and God wants to speak to you through His word. 

Prayer is powerful and you cannot have a relationship with God if you do not talk with Him. 

While prayer by itself is powerful, when you fast and pray you are demonstrating that you have completely surrendered your will to God. 

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Thanks for reading. 

God bless you.

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