Jamaica National Heroes' Day. 2021 

Jamaica National Heroes' Day

When Do We Celebrate Jamaica National Heroes' Day? 

Jamaica National Heroes' Day is celebrated on the third Monday of October each year. It is a public holiday on which we acknowledge the courage of our seven heroes. Heroes' Day in Jamaica 2021 will be celebrated on Monday October 18.

History of National Heroes' Day in Jamaica. 

There were seven national Heroes who have all made significant contributions to the country of Jamaica. Their contributions helped greatly in making us the independent people that we are today.  


These Are The Names Of Jamaica National Heroes. 

1 Paul Bogle

Born 1820, and died October 1865. He was appointed Deacon of the Stony Gut Baptist Church in 1864. Paul later became friends with George William Gordon a wealthy mixed-race businessman and fellow Baptist.

2 Sir Alexander Bustamante

He was born on the 24th day of February 1884 and died on the 6th day of August 1977. He was the first Prime Minister of Jamaica. Sir Alexander said that he took the name Bustamante to honor a Spanish sea captain who adopted him and took him to Spain in his early years where he went to school and later returned to Jamaica. 

Bustamante traveled the world and worked in a lot of places. He worked as a policeman in Cuba, a conductor in Panama and a dietitian in New York City Hospital. 

After Jamaica was granted Independence in 1962, Sir Alexander served as the 1st Prime Minister until 1967. 

3 Marcus Garvey 

He was born on August 17, 1887 and died on June 10, 1940 aged 52. Marcus was an entrepreneur, a publisher, a politician, a journalist and an orator.

He was born to a prosperous afro Jamaican family in St Ann's Bay, and worked in trade unionism before living briefly in Costa Rica, Panama and England.

Marcus was committed to the belief that black people should live independently and be free from white dominated society. Marcus launched various businesses in the U.S, including the Negro Factories Corporation and Negro World. 

4 George William Gordon

Born 1815 and died October 23rd 1865. He was a rich Jamaican businessman, politician, magistrate and a representative of the eastern St Thomas parish. 

George was self-educated, he taught himself to read, write and do dimple mathematics. He was a very radical politician and was popular in the St Thomas area. 

George and Bogle were killed one day after each other; he on the 23rd and Bogle on the 24th of October 1865. 

5 Norman Washington Manley 

Norman was born on the 4th of July, 1892 and died on September 1969. He was a brilliant scholar, athlete and soldier. 

After his death, Manley and his cousin Bustamante who was yet alive were proclaimed National Heroes of Jamaica on October 18, 1969.

6 Nanny

She was born the year 1686 and died 1733. She was the leader of a community of enslaved Africans called Windward Maroons. Much of What is known of Nanny of the Maroons came from oral history because very little was written about her. 

7 Samuel Sharp

Sharp was born in the year 1801 and died on the 23rd of May 1832, aged 31. He is mostly known as Sam Sharp. He was proclaimed a National Hero of Jamaica in 1975 and his image is on the Jamaican $50 note. 

The Sam Sharp Teacher's College was founded in 1975. He was a well known preacher and also a deacon in the Baptist church. 

He spent most of his time educating the enslaved about the gospel and the Life of Jesus so they could experience freedom from their bondage. 


Jamaica National Heroes' Day is celebrated by various activities such as:

  • The raising of the Jamaican Flag
  • The ceremony of tree planting 
  • Services and concerts to commemorate the Jamaican Heroes.

There are also award ceremonies every year to acknowledge those who have made significant contributions to the Jamaican society. 

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