Jesus Last Supper

Definition of Jesus Last Supper.

The term "Jesus Last supper," means the final time that Jesus sat and dine/eat with His Disciples. This was the occasion where the Eucharist was instituted. Jesus last supper in the Bible, took place the night just before His crucifixion, and you can find the story in the three synoptic gospels, i.e.

  1. Matthew 26:17-29;
  2.  Mark14:12-25
  3.  Luke 22:7-38

There is another record of the last supper in 1 Corinthians 11:23-25. The Lord's supper consisted of bread and wine.  The bread  represented His flesh which went through great agony for us on the cross and the wine represented His blood that was poured out for our sins.

The gospels according to Matthew, Mark and Luke all agree that the last supper took place on the night of the Passover. The Passover celebrates the exodus of the children of Israel from slavery in Egypt. The Lord's supper is the celebration of the church's freedom from the bondage of sin and satan.

Jesus being omniscient, i.e. (knows everything,) knew that the next day would be His crucifixion. This was obvious when He told the 12 Apostles that it was His desire to eat the last supper/Passover with them before He suffer. Luke 22:15

The Reason and Significance of Jesus Last Supper. 

If we can think of one reason for the Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples, that reason would be to remember the presence of the Lord. When Jesus gave them bread to eat, He told them to do this in remembrance of Him. Luke 22:19

Jesus last supper which includes bread and wine were symbols of Himself. The bread was symbolic to His body and the blood of Jesus was typified by the wine. 

Every church takes the last supper/communion/Lord's supper, at some point, and different churches go about it differently. Some churches has one bread and one cup that is passed around until everyone have been served. 

Other churches take the last supper by breaking the bread into many pieces on a plate which is passed around and each member of the church take a piece. The wine is done in a similar manner, where dozens of tiny cups are filled with the wine and passed around for each person to take a cup. 

The way how it is done in your church is not what is important. What is important are the reasons why we do it, and the reasons are that it is a very sacred and important aspect of the Christian faith and it helps us to always remember Him dying upon the cross for our sins.

Jesus last supper Passover is also an annual celebration of the night when the Israelites who were slaves in Egypt escaped. The people of God were slaves in Egypt for 400 years and they were badly treated, humiliated, disrespected, used, abused and rejected. 

So God decided that this should end and He raised up Moses and Aaron and sends the 10 plagues of Egypt upon Pharaoh and the land. However Pharaoh hardened his heart and did not let go God's people until the last plague which was the killing of  every Egyptian firstborn including Pharaoh's. Exodus 12. 

Jesus last supper was a significantly important event which demonstrated a turning point in God's plan for the world. The comparison of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the feast of the Passover echoes the redemptive nature of the life and death of Jesus.

At the last supper Judas was getting ready to betray Jesus, and Jesus being God in the flesh said to Him; "What thou doest, do quickly." John 13:27. 

For over 2000 years the Lord's supper has inspired believers of Jesus Christ to live by faith in God and always make ourselves available to be used by Him. Subsequent to the last supper, Jesus willingly allowed Himself to be taken by soldiers who brutally crucified Him upon a wooden cross. 

Jesus did not just see the "last supper" i.e. the bread and wine, as an occasion to eat and drink and become merry, He literally saw it as His body being broken and His blood being poured out for our sins. 


The instruction that Jesus gave at the last supper had nothing to do with how His disciples should enjoy the meal. The instruction however, was that they should do it in remembrance of Him. 

The term "last supper," was not referring to the 12 disciples having their last meal, it means that Jesus would no longer drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when He will drink it new in the Kingdom of God. Mark 14:25 

We need to understand that as the leader of the group, Jesus served His disciples. He handed out the bread Himself and passed the cup around. This demonstration was to teach them that the one who wants to be great among them should seek to be the servant of them all. 

Jesus demonstrated and told His disciples this because there was a strife between them about who was the greatest. Luke 22:24-27

In another place Jesus said that if you desire to enter the Kingdom of heaven, you should first humble yourself as a little child.  Matthew 18:4

Jesus last supper is very important, because it reminds us of the price that was paid at Calvary for our salvation. 


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