Genuine Men of Faith Are Rare Men Who Walk Before God With a Perfect Heart.

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Are You Really Men of Faith?

I am sure that If you would do a survey tomorrow, asking a thousand Christian men whether or not they have faith, everyone would answer "Of Course," or "Definitely."

However, if you would take that survey to the point of testing their faith; you might be surprised at the huge percentage who would fail the test.

Men of faith, welcome.. There is so much to learn on this topic, so please keep reading. 

What Is Faith?

According to Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

As men of faith, we understand that we shouldn't have to see results in order to believe in the promises of God. Faith is the engine that propels us forward as men of God. Hebrews 11:6 said: Without faith it is impossible to please God. 

The only reason why our brother and Bible character Abraham went to the mountain to offer his only son Isaac as a sacrifice unto the Lord, was because of his faith in God. The Lord promised him that He would greatly multiply his offspring as the stars of the heavens, and as the sand upon the seashore. (Genesis 22:14) However, God tested Abraham's faith to see whether or not he would withhold Isaac (the only son in which the promise should be fulfilled) from Him. 

So even though Abraham did not see the sense in what the Lord told him to do, he had faith that God was able to bring the child back to life or even cause Sarah to conceive and bare another son. This kind of faith is what the Bible refer to as faith with works. On the other hand, when we claim that we are men of faith, and we do not have the work beside it, the Bible said that kind of faith is dead. 

The faith life can become very challenging if we don't put our trust completely in God. Men who live by faith in God must live a life of order, principles and discipline, because others don't judge us by what we say but by what we do. In other words we should practice what we are preaching.

The Importance of Men Exercising Their Faith.

When men are committed to the faith and dedicate themselves to walk before God with a perfect heart, the world will be a better place.

God created men to lead. Lead himself, lead his family, lead his church and community, lead his country and the world. 

However, as amazing as this sounds, most men can't even lead themselves to a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Before men can begin to be leaders, men first need to humble themselves under the mighty hand of God. 

We cannot live an effective life of faith without the help of God. So before we can begin talking about exercising our faith, we first need to seek the help of the Lord. When we seek God for help in every area of our lives, we will be more effective men of faith. 

When men exercise their faith in God, amazing things happen in their lives. One of the most important thing a man can exercise his faith in is his Creator. When we put our faith and trust in the Lord, we won't be easily bothered by every unfamiliar situation that arises. 

Men whose faith are grounded in God are like a tree planted by the rivers of water which are well sustained and cannot be moved. The reason why these men are so firmly anchored and difficult to get rid of is because they put their trust completely in the promises of the God of the Bible.

The list below represents Men who have faith in God and trust in Him completely. These are also men on whom God can always depend...

These men are:

  • Prayerful
  • Dependable
  • Committed
  • Dedicated
  • Humble
  • Faithful
  • Trustworthy
  • Positive
  • Tenderhearted
  • Loving
  • Kindhearted
  • Disciplined
  • Righteous
  • Firm
  • Bold
  • Sincere

Those are few of the many good qualities of the men of faith. Because these men trust God and exercise their faith in Him, the devil cannot easily influence them into doing what is wrong. 

Men Of Faith Are Humble Men.

Jesus said: when a man humble himself, he will be exalted, but when he exalt himself, he will be humbled... Matthew 23:12 (emphasis)

Being humble is considered many times as weakness. However, the opposite is true. When a man is of a humble character, it means that he has a level of self discipline that is not common among regular men.  

To be humble is is to be patient, because impatient men are usually very aggressive men. So this is why arrogant impatient men will never be blessed by God. The Bible said that God will bring them to a low place. This means that men who are always exalting themselves and behaving as if they are the most important, will eventually become the least important.

As men of faith, let us remember that faith without works is dead. When a man remains humble while he is going through the most severe challenges and temptations, what he is doing is demonstrating faith in God through the patient work of humility while he is in the midst of his testings.

While most men show their anger immediately after someone gets them upset, men who have faith and are humble understand that fire cannot quench fire. This is why the Bible refer to faith as "substance.

The word substance according to the dictionary means: solidity and firmness. What this means is that once you are a man of faith, you should have a solid character and be firm in your walk with the Lord. Because faith is a substance, and one thing that demonstrates the substance of faith is humility.

Faith Men Are Men With Substance.

 Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for...

Have you ever prayed about something, and even though you don't see the result as yet with your physical eyes; you have this assurance that it has already been given to you by God? This is my interpretation of what this Bible verse is saying. 

You see brothers, we cannot be men of faith if there is no substance within us. There must be firmness in our faith and belief. There should never be any doubts of guessing about the Lord answering our prayers, and granting us our requests once they are according to His will.

 We should also be firm about the decisions we make. As men of faith, we need to be very careful about the things that we decide upon.  There must be firmness in our faith and belief.

Poor choices send bad signals to the persons who are expecting better from us. One of the hardest thing for a man to recover after it is gone, is his reputation.. This is why we should walk before the Lord with a perfect heart and maintain our integrity in Him. 

Men Need To Pray More...

Majority of the world's men population are reckless men. For example, there are more men:

  • In the prisons
  • In the rum bars
  • at the clubs
  • at the football matches
  • at the gambling tables

…than there are men in our churches.

There are more fatherless children in our world than children who have their fathers around. According to a recent survey done by the U.S Census Bureau; 19.7 million children are living without a father in the home. And this accounts only for America.

Men with substance is what the world needs in this era. There must be principle and discipline in a man's life. The good news is, there is hope. God is our refuge and strength, He is our help in times of trouble.

So brothers, we have hope in the God of our salvation, and if we really take pains to study the Bible and live by it, we will not only be men of faith and substance but men after God's own heart.


What are some takeaways that we can think about and implement in our lives?

  1. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The Bible's definition of what is faith is should be something that all men read daily to keep if fresh in their minds.

  2. Men should exercise their faith in the God of their salvation. As men of faith we need to be rooted in God and we will be like the tree that is planted by the rivers of waters that cannot be moved.
  3. Let us be humble as men of faith because God resisted the proud but gives grace to the humble. 
  4. We should be men of substance and full of courage. There must be firmness in our faith and belief. Because when we make poor choices, they affect others who are looking up to us.
  5. God created men to lead... Lead himself, lead his family, lead his church and community, and his country and the world. 

If we are going to be leaders and grow into men of principle and discipline, we need to feast upon the contents of the Bible. There is no other book written that has come anywhere close to the Bible. The Bible is our manual for living a righteous life and to help us walk before God with a perfect heart.

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