The Meaning And Importance of Prayer.


What is Prayer? 

The definition of Prayer is not complicated.

It is how we communicate with God on a spiritual plane.

Or simpler, (prayer is talking to God.)

According to the Apostle Paul, you should not be anxious about anything, but rather, get down on your knees and present your requests to God.

Praying can be done verbally or nonverbally, it has been proven however that praying out loud is more effective.

Praying is not a "when I feel like it I do it" thing.

We should be talking to God on a regular basis, because the Bible said that we are supposed to pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

When we pray, it often takes the form of thanksgiving, praising and glorifying God for His goodness toward us.

There are also songs that are entitled (prayerful hymns) because you can speak to God through the words that are in them. 

The disciples of Jesus understood that prayer was very important, and they immediately asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Luke 1:1-11

Jesus instructed us how we should pray.

He said whenever we pray, we should shut away in our closet and pray to our Father who is in secret because those who pray standing in the public places have there reward in this life. Matthew 6:6 

Pray For Strength

We need to pray for strength, because we are not supposed to be timid and vulnerable to the attacks of the devil.

God gave us the spirit of power, and of love and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 

Prayer is a spiritual weapon, and God is expecting us to use it to fight the spiritual warfare that is before us.

Prayer connects our spirits to God's Spirit and in the process we receive strength to keep trusting Him. Isaiah 40:29

When the prayer goes up, the blessings will come down because we cannot get blessed and strengthened if we keep our mouth closed.

A prayerful Christian is a powerful Christian. 

When we pray to God, there is a spiritual connection that signifies that God heard us, and if we now that the Lord hears us we have strong hope that we shall receive our request. 1 John 5:15. 

The devil does everything in His power to destroy us, but there is always someone praying for us even when we are not praying for ourselves.

This is why the Scripture said that we should "Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:16

To pray without ceasing, we need to disrupt the trend of our daily thoughts, and direct them to meditate more on the goodness of God and His words and spend less time worrying and complaining about our problems and give them to Jesus. 

We can only win the war between good and evil if we continue to spend time on our knees in prayer. 

Pray For Protection

We are constantly being attacked by the enemy and the way we get God's attention and help is by asking for His help and we do that through prayer. 

There are many different spiritual attacks that every genuine Christian will have to deal with, because as long as you are living godly, don't forget that you will be attacked and persecuted. 2 Timothy 3:12 

We cannot protect ourselves from the evil forces that are constantly coming up against us and that is why we pray, because God is omnipotent and He is our only help in times of trouble. Psalm 46:1 

When we get down on our knees the devil gets discouraged, because he knows that we are communicating with the One who is responsible for even his existence.

God is our protector, and we need to let go off our personal issues and allow God to fight the battles, because the battle belongs to God. 2 Chronicles 20:15

We need protection when we go out and when we come in, we need God's protection from the whiles of the enemy, we need God's protection in our homes and upon the lives our family members. 

Pray For Your Family. 

Families are more important than anything else in this life, there is just nothing that is worthy to take priority over our families.

Family prayer time is very very important, and no matter how hard it gets, we should never neglect our family prayer time, because the family that prays together, stays together. 

There will always be things that comes up, things that the devil uses to distracts us... things like work, (and this one is a killer,) other things like arguments between wife and husband, being busy all the times and no time for God. 

We need to always be mindful of the sins that so easily set us back, and stop us from regularly communicating with God in our family lives.

It is not easy especially as the man of the house to continue lead your family to the throne a place of prayer and devotion, especially if you work on shift and cannot be there all the time. 

What you need to do is seek the Lord diligently for help.

Tell Him that you need help and direction to be consistent in continually leading your family to Him through prayer.

You might even try to do this many times and fail, but don't give up my friend, God is not blind, He knows that you are trying. Keep pushing in the right direction. 

Your family needs you and you should never let the enemy keep pushing you in the opposite direction.

Stand up and fight the good fight of faith, because God is counting on you and so is your family.

Pray For Healing.

There are many sick persons in this world and sometimes they are not your relatives, but that is no excuse for you not to pray for the sick to get healing.

Prayer shouldn't be a selfish thing, we are instructed to pray one for another, because the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous man availeth much. James 5:16-17 

We need to spend quality time in prayer praying for the sick, because if we were sick, we too would appreciate someone praying for us. 

Pray For Those Who Lose Loved Ones. 

One of the most painful experiences in life is to lose a loved one to the grave.

This happens to the rich and to the poor, the weak and to the strong, the educated and to the uneducated, this happens to everybody. 

If you have never watch one of your loved ones being buried in a grave, I can guarantee you that you will one day, and the only thing that can help you in that situation is prayer.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Matthew 7:12

You need to pray for them because they need strength spiritually, physically and emotionally to keep going while grieving the loss of their loved ones. 

Pray For Those With A Worried Mind.

The devil puts everything that are negative in our pathway to get us worried and discouraged because he wants us to stop trusting God.

Many persons have become victims of this and now thinks there is no hope.

We that are strong need to pray for those who are weak and have become trapped by the enemy and are now worried that there is no hope. 

The key to this kind of situation is prayer, and we should encourage them to start praying again and have faith in the God of their salvation and not continue to live with a worried mind. 


Prayer is not limited to the Headlines and body text in this blog post, prayer is the key to every problem that we deal with on a daily basis.

One of the most important thing in life is that we need to always put God first in everything. 

To put God first in all things also means to alway pray, because if we don't talk to Him on a regular basis, we didn't really put Him first.

None of us cannot fool God, we might say that we pray often and we spend time reading our Bibles, but God knows the truth. 

And whether you are praying for your family, praying for strength, praying for protection or for someone who lost a loved one; you need to understand that prayer should always be priority.

Be Blessed.

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