Learning Forgiveness From The Story Of The Prodigal Son.

The Prodigal Son

The Lesson Behind The Prodigal Son Bible Story?

The story of the prodigal son demonstrates the love we should bestow upon each other, especially as Christians.

Luke 15:11-32

 We should always seek to do someone good rather than evil. Because while we were sinners, Christ died for us.

When Jesus was supposed to come to earth to give His life for our sins, He could choose not to come and let us perish in our sins.

However, Jesus looked beyond our faults and saw our needs.

 John 3:16 

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The Father of the prodigal son showed genuine love to him, even though he had forsaken the family and wasted his portion of their riches.

He thought he could survive on his own, he demanded his money from his father and went and squandered it.

The prodigal son went away and lived a riotous life. When all his money was finished, the friends he thought were true friends left him to suffer.

We should learn a lesson from this. Not everybody is really your friends. Some are only hanging around you because of what you can give them. 

When the time comes that you really need their help, they are nowhere to be found. 

The prodigal son became broke and had nothing to eat. To get food, he had to work. However the only work available was to feed pigs. 

He agreed to feed the pigs but the hunger was so severe that he started to eat the pig's food. 

This goes on for some time until one day, the prodigal son decided that this was it. When he considered how the servants of his father had bread enough to spare, and he is out here perishing with hunger, he made a decision to go back home to his father. 

The Return Of The Prodigal Son.

 The prodigal son decided that when the next morning comes, he would start his journey back home to his father.

He even decided upon what he would say to his father.

He said; "I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee, and I am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servant."

One important lesson to learn from this is: When we sinned against the LORD, we need to humble ourselves and repent of our sins. 

Let not the spirit of pride cause us to remain in the pit of bondage and transgression. 

The man who will humble himself and repent of his sins, him God will exalt and forgive his sins. 

The next morning the prodigal son started his journey back home to his father's house. However, before he reached near to the gate, his father spotted him and ran to meet him. 

The bible said that when his father saw him,  he had compassion on him and ran towards him and fell on his neck and kissed him. 

This kind of reaction toward someone who has abandoned and rejected you is what we called unconditional love. 

The prodigal son started to repent of his sins, but his father ordered his servants to bring forth the best robe and a ring to put upon him. 

The father ordered the servants to get the fattest calf, kill and prepare it and eat in celebration that his son was lost but has now been found. 

There is nothing too good for a child of God. God has the best things in store for us, we only need to remain faithful to His commands.

While all this were taking place, the eldest son was in the field working. He had no idea of what was happening, because he heard the music and saw the dancing and everybody celebrating. 

So he enquired of one of the servant; and the servant told him that his brother had returned and his father killed the fattest calf because he had received him safe and sound. 

This displeased the elder brother, because he said: all his life he has never left his father nor broken any of his commandments, but worked for him faithfully and his father had never gave him a kid that he might make merry with his friends.

We need to understand the elder brother's point of view also and don't just look on him as mean and selfish. 

While the younger was out having fun and disobeying his father's commands, the elder was working out his own salvation with fear and trembling. 

However the eldest brother is not the main character in the story, the main character is the father. Because his love typifies the love that Christ has for the  church. 

Let this prodigal son love story encourage you to love one another as believers in the LORD. God bless you.


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