When We Surrender To GOD We Give Him Complete Control In Our Lives. 

surrender to God

Surrender To GOD By Being still And Know That He Is GOD

The Israelites had to surrender to GOD when Pharaoh and  the whole Egyptian army were coming to destroy them. 

When the Israelites saw the whole army coming, they became fearful and started blaming Moses for taking them out of Egypt to be killed. 

Moses however, surrender to GOD and seek His help through prayer. The LORD responded and Moses spoke the word that the LORD laid upon his heart. 

Moses said unto the people: "fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will show to you today. For the Egyptians you see today, you shall see them again no more forever." Exodus 14:13

This was strong evidence that God was with them, and even more reason for us to surrender to GOD today and let Him take control. 

We often worry and fear how circumstances in our lives are going to fare out. We worry over the light bill, we worry over the school fee, we worry over what we are going to eat and we are now worried over Covid-19. 

But if we can only be obedient to the above scripture, and stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, we would defeat the enemy every time. 

Watch This Video On How To Surrender To GOD.

We Surrender To GOD By Seeking His Help At All Times.

We need God's help in every aspect of our lives, but we first need to remove our pride and our negative attitude out of His way. We need to be humble, because proud persons do not seek help. 

All of us are in need of God's help, but if we need His help we need to surrender all control to Him and patiently trust Him for our breakthrough.

Jeremiah 29:13 said: Ye shall seek Me, and find Me, and ye shall search for Me with all thine heart.

This Scripture is telling us that GOD expects us to surrender ourselves to Him and seek His help in times of trouble.

Psalm 46:1 said: God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble.

The Bible is literally telling us to surrender to God when we need help, because He is our present help when we are in trouble.

Let us not be hard-hearted, stiff-necked and filled with pride, because those attitudes will slowly destroy us without remedy. God is good to us and He wants to help us, but we need to understand the significance of surrendering to Him.

When we surrender to God, it signifies that we are no longer in control, and GOD is the Master of our lives. When we surrender to GOD, we are demonstrating our faith and trust in Him.

When we surrender to GOD, it signifies that we are putting Him first so He can have His way in our lives.

I hope you choose to surrender to GOD today. Let go and let Him have His way in your lives. 

I also hope that something that you have read will inspire you to "stand still and know that He is God" and "seek the LORD while He may be found"

God bless you.

In The Presence Of The LORD

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