Who Are The 144000 In The Bible? 

The 144000 In The Bible

Some Christians believe that the 144000 in Revelation, are the total number of souls that will live forever with God in Heaven. 

There is no Scripture in the Bible to support this belief. 

While we do not know who the 144000 are; as the Bible did not give their names. We do know that they will be taken from the 12 tribes of Israel and the seal of God will be upon their forehead. Revelation 7:4 

The 144000 are Jewish Evangelists who are recorded in Revelation 7&14. 

They are not defiled with women, which means that they are virgins. Revelation 14:4 

These 144000 Evangelists will be selected in equal number from the 12 tribes of Israel, i.e. 12,000 from each tribe. 

These Jewish Preachers will be on a full-time mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ during the Tribulation. These servants of God will be easy to recognize because they will have the seal of God in their foreheads. Revelation 7:3

In those days there will be 4 angels standing on the 4 corners of the earth, their job is to hold the 4 winds of the earth so that the wind cannot blow upon the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any trees. Revelation 7:1-2

What this means is that these four angels will have the power to harm the earth, harm the seas and harm the trees. 

However, there will be another angel ascending from the east with the seal of God crying with a very loud voice saying: "Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees until the servants of God receive the seal of the LORD GOD in their forehead. i.e. (the 144000 evangelists) Revelation 7:3

What Is The Meaning Of The Seal Of The 144000?

The seal of the 144000 means protection from all the evil which is to come upon the land during The Tribulation. Therefore no matter how severe or intense the events of thoes times are, the 144000 servants of God will always be protected. 

Another meaning for the seal of God upon the forehead of these Evangelists, is the salvation of God

Salvation in theology means: "Deliverance and redemption from the power of sin and it's consequences." 

This means that sin has no dominion over these preachers and they will not experience eternal damnation with the unbelievers. 

What Is The False Doctrine Around The 144000? 

A lot of the false teachings and confusion about the 144000 in the Bible came from the Jehovah's Witness. 

Their claim is that the total number of souls that will spend eternity with God are the 144000 mentioned in the Bible. 

The Jehovah's Witness believe in a "Heavenly Hope" and an "Earthly Hope." 

  1. Heavenly Hope: This means that only the 144000 will live forever with God in heaven, or enter the heavenly Kingdom. This is false as there are no Scripture reference to support this statement. 
  2. Earthly Hope. This means that every other believers who are not among the one hundred and forty four thousand will experience what Jehovah's Witnesses called a paradise on earth. i.e. (heaven on earth) Note: Heaven is not earth, and can never be earth. Therefore the two should never be in comparison.  


The 144000 are selected servants of God, who will preach the gospel to the unsaved during the tribulation. 

Their hard work of ministering the word of God in those days will result in a great multitude of proselytes from all nations, kindreds, people and tongues. 

These believers will stand before the throne of God, clothed in white robes and palms in their hands. Revelation 7:9 Revelation 14:1-3 

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