The Secret Place of the Most High

Psalm 91:1
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

The Secret Place is a Place of Protection.

The secret place

Have you ever been in a place where you feel vulnerable and unsecure? I believe we have all been there. God is the only one who can protect us from the feeling of rejection, doubt and fear. 

The secret place is the place of deep meditation on the things of the Lord. When we meditate on the things of the Lord, we open His protection in our lives. Seeking His face in times of trouble and turning to Him whenever we need help will bring us the victory. 

The child of God needs protection and a sense of security that the Lord is with us and that, He will never leave us nor forsake us. There is a certain contentment that comes with being in the presence of the Lord.

We are protected in the will of God, not outside of God's will. The enemy will do anything to keep you and I outside of the secret place of the most High. 

The things we get being in the secret place are: peace, joy, endurance, strength and protection. Our work and effort have much to do with how blessed we become.

Remember, Action Speaks Louder than Words.

What is the Secret Place?

The secret place is the security of believers. Those who live a righteous life are safe under His protection. This  is not a physical place but a place of spiritual connection with God. 

The man who dwells in the secret place of the most High, will be delivered from every attack of the enemy. This is a place of feasting on the word of God and communicating with Him through prayer and fasting.

A Place of Meditation

Psalm 63: 6-7

When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches. Because thou hast been my help, therefore, in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.

The Psalmist talks about meditating on God upon his bed so we understand that, the bed is a good place to meditate upon the Lord especially at nights.

The remembrance that we have about God's goodness towards us, will motivate us to earnestly spend more quality time with Him. Thus, moving us to a higher level in Him.

5 incredible Christian Bible lesson on Staying in the Will of God.

What does it mean to dwell in the secret place of the most High?


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