Trust In God's Timing Because His Timing Is Perfect. 

Trust in God's Timing

Many persons find it difficult to trust in God's timing, because they want what they want and they want it now. When we pray about something, we don't want to wait on God's perfect timing, we want to see the physical manifestation of that thing immediately. 

This however is not how God works, God does not work based on our time, He works and come through on His time. Matter of fact, God is not limited to time. He is an eternal God and He sees things and does things from an eternal stance. 

Our responsibility is to trust in His eternal timing, and not be bothered by the brief existence we have in this lifetime. God has the perfect timing to bless us because He sees both our beginning and our ending so His timing is always perfect. 

Why God's Timing is Perfect?

God is not slack concerning His promises as most men count slackness.

2 Peter 3:9

When God created you He already knew the things that would happened in your life and the time they would occur. He knows when you were  born and He knows when you are going to die. In fact God knows you before you were formed inside of your mother's womb. 

Jerimiah 1:5

In other words, God knows your beginning and He knows your ending, and this alone made His timing so perfect that if you are still worrying about your prayers not being answered, then you don't really trust Him. 

You are just pretending that you trust Him Because if you really trust God, you wouldn't be bothered by not having your prayers answered on your time. You should be happy that the time you expected to get an answer to your prayer did not happen, because that sends you the message that God is doing the work not you. 

The truth is that the Lord does not make promises that He does not keep. When He promises something, He fulfils it. He is not going to come through on our time that you sets, because our time is not perfect His time is. 

(3) Benefits of Trusting in God And His Timing.

1) Worry Decreases.

When you really trust in God's timing; you will find that the level at which you used to worry decreases. This happens because there is an enormous amount of confidence and belief that you develop when you stop worrying and really start trusting God. 

Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. You have to just know that the God that you are serving is not a joker. The God that you serve is able to do a whole lot more than what you could imagine. Ephesians 3:20

Why worry when you can pray? But when you pray, you shouldn't worry because if you wanted to worry, you shouldn't even bother to pray. 

2) Staying Faithful While Waiting.

When you really trust God's timing, you don't go and sin against Him because a few days passed and you didn't see your prayer answered. The man or woman who is genuine and truly faithful will not become discouraged and rebel against God. The genuine believer will maintain their integrity in the Lord, and remain faithful, because they have faith in Him and trust in His timing. 

Unfaithfulness comes as a result of unbelief, because if you don't believe in the words of the Lord, you will not remain flatfooted and faithful to Him when difficulties come around.

We also read in the scriptures that many of the Israelites who were in the wilderness did not enter His rest because of unbelief. Hebrews 3:19

If you don't believe and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, everybody will see it sooner or later, because you are not going to go the extra mile to remain faithful to Him. You are going to quit and throw in throw towel, and right away you sends a message to the world that you are full of unbelief.

You have to trust in God's timing because if you don't you will not last very long. 

3) Your Faith Will Increase.

To have faith is to have confidence that you will receive the things that you are praying for. Faith is firm belief the fact that God is real, and knowing He actually heard your prayer, is enough evidence that your prayer will be answered. Hebrews 11:1 

When you trust in God's timing your faith will skyrocketed so much that even you might be surprised. This only happens when you trust God and trust in His spoken words, because faith cometh by hearing the word of God. Romans 10:17

If you hear God's Word and reject it, you obviously have no faith in It. You cannot pray to God if you have no faith in God, because it is impossible to please God without faith. Hebrews 11:6 


The timing of God is perfect, you don't need to worry when there is a delay in your prayer being answered. Your timing is limited to the clock on the wall, but God is working from an eternal platform. 

Everyone who continues to worry about their prayers being answered does not really trust in God's timing. 

3 Benefits of Trusting in God and His Timing:

  1. When you trust God you worry less and praise Him more. 
  2. When you trust God it becomes easy to be faithful to Him and stay committed. 
  3. Your faith will increase when you know that God is real and you totally trust Him. 



Read is an article on how to trust in God's timing.

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